I cannot get the search functionality to search


When I search for: "accountant sweden" or (accountant AND sweden), I get lots of results, but not a single result that mentions the word "sweden".


Why is that?


Can someone explain to me how one can search for two words and ensure that they are actually in the description or in one of the previous jobs the freelancer has had?



Hello Alexender,


You can definitely search for a freelancer with particular skill in specific region.


When searching for a freelancer, on the left side of the screen you will see the search options.


There you may choose your skill category followed by desired subcategories (e.g. Business Service>Accounting).


Now if you scroll down you will see “More Options” Tab, click it and a lot of filters will be displayed including “Location”. Set the filters as per your requirements to get the desired results.


Hope it helps.





For narrowing search results according to location, manish gave an excellent advice. I would prefer that.

But just in case you want to include all keywords you can click on advanced search right below the search box and use various options to include "all keywords","Exact phrase" etc.