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I have a project i want to invest in but i need honest info..

Hello, Sorry for my spelling and grammar first off. 

 I have a project for a game i want built similar to this **edited for Community Guidelines** of course it would be different but that is the basic idea. My question would be, How much time and money would a game like that cost roundabouts to build from the ground up? this is very serious and i do have investment backing...


Thank you for your time and help i hope to be working with some people from here very soon..


Darn... I want to know what game it is. Why would that be edited out?


Matthew, there are severe limitations on how much useful information you can expect to glean regarding this question from within the community forum. We love to discuss Upwork here, but your question is not a question about Upwork.

You should post your question as a job listing on Upwork.

Yesterday I finished helping somebody answer a similar question for a project the were planning. (Not a game.) I spent 10 paid hours just writing a proposal for how to do the project and estimating how long it would take to do the project and how much it would cost.

I can assure you that the client received a more thorough and more detailed answer after paying me for ten hours of time at my hourly rate than any answer you will receive for free here in the community forum.

If you are serious about this project then let me tell you that most people who frequent the forum don't know the answer to your question. We don't even know what game you are emulating or what the target platform is. So that makes it hard to answer.

You need to hire five to eight different specialists on Upwork and pay them each at their full hourly rate to talk to them for thirty minutes each to discuss the question. You will set up hourly contacts for each and allow them to add manual time. Set the weekly time limit to one hour maximum.

Then hire two or three of them, those you liked the best and who seemed the most knowledgeable, to write more detailed proposals for how to execute the plan, complete with cost and time estimates. Set a two hour time limit for each.

In explaining how detailed you want the plans, tell them no more than two hours worth of work. Set their weekly limit to two hours. Don't give them more than a week to write the proposal. Close the contracts after one week. Don't allow manual time for the writing. They're not going to write these on yellow legal pads. They can track their time on the computer.

After you conduct your paid consultations and receive your paid written reports, you will then have a thorough answer to your question.
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