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I have upwork client account and not able to add new payment method

I have Upwork client account,

I had previously added billing method successfully, but for some reason that card is not valid now,

And Now I want to add new billing method.

But It declies me that 

"We are completing a Know Your Customer review of your account. "

Also when I try to add new billing method, it give me reason your account is suspended

I dont know that is next step


Pls help here


Hi Romik,


I am sorry to hear about the action taken on your Upwork account. I have followed up with the team handling your request and one of our team members will update your account as soon as possible.


- Pradeep

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Hello Pradeep,


I got mail from your agents but they are not able to understand my problem, 

Also they are just sending me new verification link every time, each time just declies documents and send me new verification link I do the same process

Actually I have a Upwork Client account,

My name is Romik Makavana on client profile,

It has also asked for Company name, I have entered my Name "Romik Makavana"


Now they are asking for identity verification 

I have added my Personal Id and Statement for verification

Now agents are asking me to share company statement, Where do I find company  statment ? 

I have entered my name as a client profile.


Also I have to pay some amount to account, That is over due, 

I had already added my debit card previously, but unfortunetly that is not accessible not, I want to add new card or new payment method,

Upwork is not allowing me to add new payment method.


I am dying....

Also I have tried your contact number to direct reach.


Someone pls provide solution and help here


HELP ME........ DYING....


- Romik Makavana


Hi Romik,


I checked the support ticket you are referring to and noticed that it is already escalated to the relevant team. One of our team members will reach you as soon as possible to share an update with you. You can access your support tickets here. Please don't hesitate to follow up with them directly on the same support ticket if you have additional questions regarding your concern. Note that support requests are responded to in the order they are received. Kindly allow 24-48 hours for the team to follow up with you and assist you further.

- Pradeep

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