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I hired freelancer from upwork. and he not done his work and replying me. what should I do?

I enlisted a freelancer on Upwork for a fixed project, but unfortunately, they haven't completed the work and not even replying me. The due date has been passed and freelancer not reply my message. I'm looking to provide negative feedback and terminate the contract. However, I'm unable to find the option on Upwork. Can someone guide me on how to give negative feedback and seek a refund?

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3 dots icon at contract page, Close, select $0 to release.

You cannot leave publoc feedback for 0 contract. But you can leave private one. It will drop freelancer's JSS but noone will see it and know reasons.

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Or if you are really upset and get back to him, release $10 or may be $5 and you can give private and public feedback 

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Make sure the freelancer didn't have a personal emergency before attempting to harm them.


I have had many clients have personal emergencies in the middle of work; so it happens.


Once you are sure, then view the Contract and click End Contract.

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