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I just wasted an entire day interviewing fake canidates

I posted a job looking for a Senior Front End Engineer. I only allowed people from the U.S. to apply to my job. I setup an interview with 8 of them, seven of these canidates were completely fake. They were unable to answer very simple questions about engineering, or they had no general knowledge of the city they were living in. 


Is this website just a place to hire scammers?


re: "Is this website just a place to hire scammers?"



The overwhelming majority of Upwork freelancers are exactly who they say they are. Upwork has multiple identity verification protocols in place to ensure this. These include requiring freelancers to submit their government-issued photo ID such as passport or driver's license, as well as requiring freelancers to undergo periodic identity verification video interviews.


But Upwork is the most successful, most important freelance work platform in the world. So it IS the target of scammers. There ARE dishonest people who pose as freelancers on the site.


Most of the identity verification protocols do not go into effect until after freelancers begin earning money. I would be interested to know how many of the freelancers you interviewed were new, versus experienced on the platform.


As a site user who is primarily a freelancer, but who has also hired over 100 freelancers, I am very sorry to hear about your experience in using the site. Your report, although disappointing to hear, is useful and informative for all of us in the Upwork Community. So I appreciate the fact that you took the time to share what happened.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Shane,


I'm sorry to hear you've had a negative experience interviewing freelancers for your job. As Preston mentioned, we do have various verification processes in place and take action when we learn a freelancer is not following our Terms of Service. I see you've also submitted a support ticket about this. One of our agents will be assisting you directly via that ticket and we'd appreciate if you could provide more information via that ticket about the freelancers you're referring to so that the team could investigate.



~ Valeria
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