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I need a solution to get my money back - help to solve this problem

I worked with a freelancer and the freelancer didn't finish the project, she was doing things I didn't ask her to do. The indications were clear but she didn't understand. Then I decided to end the contract but previously I let her know. The thing is that from the total amount paid I gave a part proportional for the work done, she wasn't aggree and she disputed and she asked for all the amount, but she didn't finish the project not even the 10% of the project. She disputed the contract and now I see upwork released the total amount to the freelance. I need a solution from you. Since the freelance not completed at all the project, she didn't have the skill she said to have, she was working out of deadline and now I need to hire someone to complete the project. I'm trying to contact with a human support in upwork and no possible. I need a solution please and a contact email or so to solve the problem. I have read and follow of the steps in your web but not enough. The freelance have all the money. 

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Fixed-price? Read about arbitration. Start arbitration if acceptable.

I already initiated arbitration. The upwork team/platform has given all the money to the freelancer when they have not even considered that the work has not been done. Right now the money is with the freelancer and I am left with no project and nothing because the freelancer didn't do the work, didn't understand the specs and I have lost time and money.

Arbitration but not a dispute? If yes then that's all here. Next steps outside, Upwork won't help you anymore.

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