I need to file a complaint with a programmer I hired.

I need to file a compaint with a programmer I hired from a couple of weeks ago.


There have been revisions from the original job post, and everytime there was one, he asked for extra money, which I complied to, because I am also a freelancer here and I know the amount of time that goes into revisions. I built a website that has specific needs, the job post was to add a date and time delivery to the CART page / section of the ecommerce site, which he did without trouble.


Long story short, there was another enhancement, which I tried to bargain for and complied by paying him with added milestones (take note, he did not write this from scratch, he customized a plugin). There is supposed to be a 2-hour preparation time. Say, for example the customer has the time of 9am, the takeaway/delivery time at its earliest should be at 11am. 


It worked for a time, and then it did not. Then, it did over the weekend, and today, I checked the LIVE site AND the TEST site, both are not working. I was supposed to pay him yesterday, and apologized that I would pay today instead, but I received a message from my client that it is not working that is why I asked him to look into it. We were having a decent conversation, and then he replied that he can't talk, and said "bye for now". I just want to check this website off my list, but he does not seem to cooperate. He even said that I ALWAYS threatened with a complaint. I only said it a few times since last week because, other times I said you can file a complaint against me if you want (because he wanted to close the contract without finishing the job when I was telling him that troubleshooting is part of creating/customizing a plugin and that he shouldn't get extra for doing that).


I just want this solved. I am pretty sure I tried to be reasonable with him, but it is going to cost me USD100 already for customizations of a plugin he did not even create. I need him to check into this problem as to why the enhancement does not work from time to time, and he keeps saying that it has always worked on his side. I already sent him proof that it does not work on my side, but still he insists that I replicate the issue so he can fix it. How am I even going to do that? I am REALLY trying to be reasonable here. I need help.


Hi Grace,

I`m sorry about the bad experience you had.. You can file all of your evidence via ticket to our customer support, or send them to me via PM and i will open a ticket for you. The team that is handling this type of cases will be included on your ticket as well.

~ Goran

Thank you for the quick response, Goran!


I honestly do not want to file a complaint because it takes so much effort to gather all the evidences, settle on an agreement, and so on. It takes a lot of time as well, which I do not really have.


The programmer has started fixing it now, at least I hope so. I will let the code run a few more times to test it, IF he is able to submit today, and if we get into any more trouble and conflicts, I will really push through with the complaint already, but I am glad to know that there is support here when we need it.

Hi Goran,


I have a similar situation where I have paid $2600 to a programmer who has not delivered. Not only she kept raising the amount from $1800 to $2600 but she delayed it from the delivery on 20th December till now. Even now it's not complete. I can't add any restaurant, nor get emails from the customer. I have hired another programmer who has done that for me. But now i am stuck because dont know what she has deleted that i cant add any restaurant now. I have aid her fully

Hi Abdul,


I'm sorry about your experience with this freelancer. I've shared your concern with our team and one of our agents will reach out to you directly to assist you further.


Thank you for your patience. 

~ Bojan

Hi Grace,

I`m glad to hear this and I hope that everything will be solved with a positive outcome.

~ Goran

Hi, Goran.


I still have the contract open to this same programmer, but he still hasn't properly fixed the bugs. I was
not able to request any changes so he got paid for the last milestone, by default. I didn't actually think it would
take him 2 weeks and still not be able to fix it, it slipped my mind. The contract is still
open, and I am still trying to avoid filing a complaint. 


Last weekend, he was able to make changes, and it reflected. Now, it does not
work again. It is to put a notice if the customer tries to order after closing hours. Just now, I changed the time on
my computer to closing hours, and the notification did not work again.


He replied to my messages. He said he will get back to me in 3 hours. I would like to know if the contract will also automatically end if there has been inactivity to it? I can't start another milestone just to keep it open because I've already spent too much on this project. Honestly, I do not know if he is stalling or it is just taking him time. I really feel helpless here.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Grace,


Your contract won't be closed automatically and you can continue to communicate with your freelancer to ensure the contract is completed in line with your agreement.


You can not file a dispute now anyway. You can only dispute what is in Escrow.... not what has been released. If nothing is in Escrow that's it.