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its easy !

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Eden Lloyd B Member Since: Jan 21, 2010
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I am requesting to have 1 responsive website and I mention that I am using a responsive theme, and from the start I gave him my wordpress login. Now, I provided a website to him to mimic, to my surprise he created exactly the same as the website. Then he told me later on that he cannot put the files on wordpress because I did not inform in the just desc. Which is true. But is it just to simple to just download it from the web? My main problem is, remember when you save a whole website page locally? and you all have the files and folders in the local drive. He just gave me the same. Who can I put it to wordpress??? I mean wordpress is a very clean and organized. My Website: Ask Questions
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Ramesh B Member Since: Sep 1, 2013
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Well uploading the custom designed theme is very easy on WordPress you can try by yourself, here is how you can do that. 1) Login on your site with Admin ID and Password ***** 2) Go to Appearance -> Themes -> Install Themes there you'll see a link to upload theme. ***** 3) Upload the zip file 4) Click Activate Theme 5) Done ! *[Removed by Admin]