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I've been fraudulently charged by an Agency, that took me for a ride for months and months,

I have been charged over 7K in hourly contract, agency never delivered a finished product 


what I can do to have a response from Upwork to Ban these guys from the platform or helping me to get refunded

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I believe that you are sincere in your expression of disappointment. But there appears to be some misunderstanding about how hourly contracts work.


An hourly contract means that you pay a freelancer or agency for their time.


Each week, you or your project manager had an opportunity to review work diaries and submitted work. Each week you approved the work that was being done.


Why are you asking about a "refund"?
Why are you asking about getting this agency "banned"?


Nothing you have described in your post indicates any TOS violation or reason why a refund or sanction is warranted.


It is not clear to me what you mean when you say that you were "fraudulently charged." You were charged accurately, based on the time that was logged by the agency, which time you were always able to review and dispute, if there were any problems with it.


Do you have some questions about how Upwork hourly contracts work?


You mentioned that you want to get this agency banned, OR get a refund. This indicates ambivalence about these goals. I believe that achieving either of these goals is unlikely. I recommend that you focus on your true primary goal, which I believe is completing the product. Would you like us to provide advice about how you can do that?


Hi Luke,


I'm sorry to hear that. I'd like to check this for you. Could you please send me a PM with more information so I can check further? 

~ Joanne
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