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I want to end a contract without giving feedback


I want to end a contract without leaving any feedback. It's very frustrating that I can't end a contract without explaining reasons and rating the freelancer. I simply want to end it without doing these things.


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At least one side will have to leave feedback. You can wait for the freelancer to do it first, then you don't have to. They may give you positive or negative feedback, depending on their exeprience. Many freelancers leave less than perfect feedback precisely because you left them hanging without feedback.

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Clients may end a contract any time they want to.

Clients are never required to explain their reasons for ending a contract. You may encounter for a drop down menu which asks you to indicate a reason. This "reason" is not shown to anybody. You are not required to type anything. You are not required to provide your real reason. You are not required to have a reason for ending the contract.


Clients can close a contract without leaving feedback.


When a client closes a contract, he DOES NOT need to leave any written feedback. Leave the text box blank.


Sometimes, if you do that, there will be a reminder dialog box giving you an opportunity to write written feedback. But you don't need to. You can ignore that request and you can leave the box blank.


Also: You DO NOT NEED to evaluate the freelancer in the six specified categories/properties that ask you to indicate a star rating from 1 to 5. If you don't want to think about these or rate the freelancer in these categories, just click all fives.

Hi Preston,

In this context I am the client. I am trying to end a contract, but I don't wanna provide feedback. Basically, I was not happy with the service, but I don't wanna hurt the freelancer.

Unfortunately I cannot end the contract, as all the feedback fields are mandatory, both private and public. Is this a bug?


To answer your question:

No, there is no bug.


I realize that you are the client.


There ARE things that are required for a client to answer when closing a contract. But you do NOT need to spend time thinking about the answers if you don't want to. You may simply click buttons and get though the process quickly. And, importantly, you are not required to WRITE anything.


And, as noted earlier on this thread, you don't actually need to do any of this if the freelancer closes the contact.


Send a message to the freelancer:

"Veronica: It is time to close the contract now. Please navigate to the contract listing and click on the Three Dots icon and choose the option to close or end the contract. The results for your JSS will be better for you if you close the contract, as doing that will give me the opportunity to not leave feedback."

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I have other contracts and I wanna close them without leaving feedbackk simply because the level of services was subpar. I cannot end them without answering all the questions regarding feedback. I have to select all sorts of ratings, otherwise I am not allowed to end the contract. Why? This is absurd.

That is the difference between you and me.


You care.

And I don't care.


For me, if I want to end a contract without leaving feedback, I just go ahead and end the contract without leaving feedback.


If the user interface doesn't allow me to finalize the close form without clicking on buttons... then I just click all fives and I don't write free form feedback, and I'm done, and I get on with my life. But clicking all fives AND NOT THINKING ABOUT IT, I am doing what is morally equivalent to closing the contract without leaving feedback.

+1 to Preston's prior suggestion. By asking the freelancer to close the contract, they're required to leave a review, but not you.

Freelancers aren't obliged to close contracts, even if a client asks them to do so. And if they did, the client might not like what they wrote. The OP seems to be having a lot of trouble hiring the right sort of freelancer. 

There are so many ways to not leave feedback. It is sumply incorrect to say that clients must leave feedback.


A client can even leave a contract open and pause it. Then they never need to leave feedback and they will never be charged.


I know of five different ways clients can end a contract without leaving feedback.

Just leave honest feedback. You are doing a disservice to other clients if you don't. 

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