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I wish Upwork would allow us to change Preferred qualifications to Mandatory qualifications

It would sure improve the quality of the proposals that I get. 

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Type the words "Mandatory Qualifications" in your job post. I have seen clients do this all the time. Have a great day!

Won't stop the proposal spammers - neither the people nor the software.

No doubt - and too many of them.

Doesn't matter what I type as unqualified candidates will still apply. If Upwork created a system where we could set mandatory requirements that freelancers had to meet or couldn't apply to the job, that would dramatically decrease the amount of unqualified applications I get. 

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Did any freelancer surprise you in the past by not being fully compliant to your requirements yet coming and adding tremendous value to your project? Those things happen

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Have you ever taken a close look at the proposal and profile of a freelancer who didn't meet your qualifications?


It's not at all unusual for clients to hire freelancer who don't meet them. For example, I've sent proposals on jobs that required 100 or 1000 hours billed through Upwork. I don't have anything close to that. But, when clients see that's because I almost exclusively use fixed price contracts and I've earned more than $200k through Upwork with 100% JSS, they don't really care about the number of hours.

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Here's a typical high quality candidate from Upwork. I'm specifically looking for writers in Japan and this guy from India applies. Can't imagine why I wouldn't want to hire someone who is an Allrounder Man! 


If we could block candidates applying from certain regions of the world that would make hiring so much easier! 


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As far as I know location is the only way you "can" block candidates from applying.

By selecting where they can apply from, using preferred qualifications - locations.


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That doesn't seem to be working for me. I set specific locations for all my job posts and yet I still get flooded with junk applications from countries outside the ones I've selected. 

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