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I withdrew a proposal offer to a freelancer because he's not responded, I paid $10.50 to deposit

I hired a freelancer then I withdraw it, because he's still not accepting the offer proposal.


And I paid $10.50 now I want to hire a new one for the same job but I can't find my money, I know I deposited it to funds into escrow. But I thought when I withdrew an offer it will be refunded but I don't know what happened and the status of my money right now.


Are they gone or what? Kindly reply ASAP please!

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Is not yet gone is still in Escrow 

It's 0 balance

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You'll get them back in 3 to 5 business days.

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Hi Samuel Matthew, 


Escrow refunds will be returned to the billing method you used for the deposit. The credit can take up to five business days to appear. Funds held more than 60 days may instead be returned to your balance for reuse if we cannot credit your billing method (some billing method vendors don’t allow credits to be applied after a certain number of days). You may want to check out this article to learn more. 

~ Avery
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Upwork always take good care of customer in help center. Really Appreciated to upwork.


Thank You

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Did you give the freelancer a deadline to respond to the offer? When a freelancer receives an offer, it has an expiration date on it--usually 7 days. Many freelancers, especially newer ones, rely on that date. If you need an immediate response, or you're going to pull the offer, make sure to tell the freelancer what your actual cut-off time is.

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I would expect that the money should be refunded! Since there was no hire. 

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