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If I dont dispute within the time frame how do I not get charged if my claim is legitimate?

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John K Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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Nnamdi, while it's true Upwork could screen freelancers better, clients can help themselves with a little common sense and finding out how contracts work before posting a job with a substantial budget. From what you wrote, you paid $1000 for 25 hours of work. That's $40 an hour, and plenty of experienced programmers with great reviews, high job success, and numerous jobs completed successfully will work at that rate.


You yourself admitted, "Now Im new so I didnt know that there is only a small window for disputes, so I'm stuck in a tight spot." You should have taken the time to learn about important details like the 5 days you have to review work for the previous week. You also admitted, "Back to this guy I hired. He has no work history". It doesn't take a "hawk eye" to spot that, just common sense to hire someone with experience for a large project unless no one like that applies. Finally, Preston didn't say this, but you could have hired an experienced project manager from Upwork or elsewhere, if you can't be bothered to learn Upwork procedures, and that would have been money well spent.

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Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Nnamdi,


Note that pausing a contract will prevent further time from being logged on it but won't disqualify the time logged beforehand. Clients can review the Work Diary in real time and pause the contract at any time and have the option to initiate a dispute if they disagree with any segments the freelancer has logged. Unfortunately, not using the features available under our Payment Protection program and advice to review the Work Diary regularly, along with communicating with the freelancer and checking their progress, there's not much Upwork can do to help with the disagreement that arose on your contract. You can still communicate with your freelancer and try to resolve the disagreement amicably.


I don't see any communication you had with our Support team, so please do share the suspicions you have with our team, and we'll check if there's a ToS violation. Also, please follow up on the notification our team sent you in order to resolve the issue with your account.