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If I downgrade my plan, will I lose my ongoing conversations / saved freelancers?

Hello everyone,

I have signed up recently as a client with my personal email and with a plus membership (49.99$), and now since Im getting my team onboard as well, I've decided to change my plan to a company account. Hence I'd rather have a paid plan on that company account and cancel this membership since I will just end up paying for 2 plans.

Would like to seek clarifications for the question below,

When I downgrade now, will I lose the saved freelancers / ongoing conversations that I've been having through direct messaging option?


Hi there, 


You may cancel your subscription at any time by going to Settings   Membership. The cancellation will be effective at the end of the billing period and your account will automatically be changed to Upwork Basic when your billing period ends. Please note that downgrading your plan won't affect your saved freelancers and the ongoing conversation you have. 

~ Joanne
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Hello Joanne, thanks a lot for the prompt response. I'm not quite sure if my next clarification should be another topic or not, but will ask it here anyway.

If I need my employees (5 to 6 approximately) to also have the option of being able to message suitable freelancers, what sort of a plan is best suited for me? I've gone through the forum but didnt seem to quite get the clarifications I wanted. And the help chat bot prompts are not helpful. Hence seeking guidance from experts.

Hi Berthe,


You can invite coworkers to join your team on our Basic and Plus plan and join the message room/s with your freelancers. To learn more about how you can manage your coworkers check out this Help Article. Thank you.

~ Goran
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