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If a client responsible for the problem of dublicate account ,,,, now who could solve it ?

Hello ,


Now i have lost my account with you ,,, and my freelancer is angry of what happened to his account and he does not want to work with me , because i'm the responsible of the problem of Duplicate account .

Now i have lost both ,,,,, my account and a honorable engineer have experience over 10 years ,,,,,, and he refused to work with me because i have made to him a troubles on Upwork platform .

If you really will not reopen my account again ,,, please do not punish my freelancer ,,,, because he is not guilty of what happened .

In this case i will lose my account only ,,,,,, not the man who worked with me for a several years ago .

Could you please consider that i admit and acknowledgment that i made this problem of Duplicate account ?

Regards ,


How did that happen? Did you create his account?

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