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Im being harassed by freelancers on my personal phone

HI, I recently added a job onto upwork and since then I have been inundated with messages on my personal phone, through instagram and facebook. I did not give any of these details so how are these people finding me?

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There is something identifiable about you or your company, that is how they can find you. Perhaps it is your name, or the name of your company, or the information about the job that can be reversed searched. 

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Scammers have a way to find those things.  All you can do is note down their names and ignore their prposals

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Consider deleting the Job post that had either your name or company name.

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It seems she is no longer here, or perhaps she is creating a new profile, hopefully with Upwork's approval.

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I too have been sent emails direct to my email address and LinkedIn Account.


I vote for a very simple, answer...   Public Disapproval.


Simply post the name, email address, and content of their communication on a page that all Clients and Freelancers can see.  They will very quickly see the disapproval of their behavior from the Client, and Freelancer Community.


It will also serv as a Learning Opportunity for new Freelancers.



Are we allowed to publish names of freelancers with Upworks's TOS? I agree with you, I like the idea of having a public dissapproval of people who use these methods. 

No. They will be removed, and if you repeatedly post, you will receive a warning from a moderator, and you can be banned from the forum.

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Got it. Thanks. 

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