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Impatient and unprofessional client threatening after closing contract.

Hello, upwork Gurus.


I have a concern


I had one client which I gave consultation on one topic and decided to do routine work for one week for a more amount.


So he created 2 different contracts and despite ending only one, he ended both of them.


Now after a couple of weeks, when I'm on the tasks, he's not able to cope up with technicalities and now threatening me to contacting upwork.


is there any violation I made? 



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Let's make sure I understand what happened...


A cilent hired you, using two separate contracts, for consultation and some work.


And then he closed the contracts.


And now the client is being a bully and threatening you?


And you are asking if you violated any Upwork rules?


The answer is: No.


If a cilent bullies you, it reflects poorly on HIS character.


But in no way does this mean that you violated Upwork ToS.


Did I understand your situation and correctly? Why would you wonder if you had violated ToS because somebody else behaved badly?


If there is no contract currently open between you and this client, then you owe this client absolutely nothing.


It sounds like the client may be asking you to work for free, which is a violation of Upwork ToS.


Perhaps you should report this cilent.

re: "...he's not able to cope up with technicalities and now threatening me to contacting Upwork."


If he wants to contact Upwork, then let him contact Upwork. What is he going to say to them? How would that go?


client: "Hello, Upwork?


Upwork: "Yes?"


client: "I'm a big bully and a freelancer won't help me!!"


Upwork: "I'm sorry to hear that you are having difficulties with a freelancer. It looks like you hired him, but you closed your contracts a few weeks ago. Do you want help setting up a new contract?"


client: "No! I just want him to do whatever I say for free."

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