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Improve hidden profile feature

I want to appreciate oDesk for their efforts in promoting new freelancers on oDesk who are highly skilled but do not have hours or feedback on their profile and hence get less response from clients. I like their hidden profile feature because many times a freelancer has 10000+ hours and is much occupied on current projects he/she has, and cannot give full time commitment to new clients, so, they can be hidden in full time job application list. And a new freelancer with high scores on oDesk tests but a few hours or feedback, and most importantly with less hours worked in the last few days must be shown on top. Because such freelancers can give full time commitment to full time projects and are very skilled. So, I appreciate the hidden profile feature, but make sure those freelancers with high test scores, but with less hours/feedback or less hours completed in the last few weeks must be shown on top on full time jobs, than those freelancers with lots of hours done and having less time on new full time projects.
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