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It would be awesome to have a required field on the client side of Upwork that indicates the industry they are in.


This would save a lot of time for both clients and freelancers. I don't work with some industries because of my personal views or my lack of knowledge about the industry, but many client's forget to tell us what they do in the job posting so I find myself wasting my time and the client's just to ask them what industry they are in.


Does it matter that much? Sure, more information is always a good thing, but if you need to know about a certain industry, the I'm sure the client is going to tell you so. 


i.e. If they need a scientist, it would be good if they told you what kind of scientist. But if they need somebody to take pictures of scientists, film scientists, design business cards for scientists... then what kind of scientist isn't that big of a deal. 

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I guess I can understand why original poster Pamela is interested in this.


Unfortunately, this is not going to be implemented.


So all she can do now is to see if a client mentions their industry, or ask them.


As for me:

I'm like a doctor.


Do doctors treat celebrities? Yes. Rich people? Yes. Do they treat criminals? Yes. Would a doctor treat the injuries of a man caught shooting people during a bank robbery? Yes.


I believe everybody deserves a well-designed database. If somebody is going to have a database, even if they are in an industry I don't like, they still deserve a well-made database.


I always find this a difficult question to answer anyway. I personally am in the IT department of an e-commerce company. What industry does that make me? (But I include the nature of the company and the work to be done in my job posts, anyway.) 

I don't know for what industry the OP is freelancing...


However, this is the reason I explicitly state in my profile the industries who are my target market.


While I understand the OPs suggestion, I also take it upon myself to determine if the client's industry falls within my scope of work. 


Perhaps Upwork should have a mandatory marketing class for all new freelancers? I'm kidding!! A little joke there...


Seriously, though, it's up to you to segment, target, and position your freelancing business. 


(And I'm not saying Upwork couldn't use some improvement in certain areas Smiley Happy)

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