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Interface gets worse and worse

Anyone noticing how confusing the interface is getting?


I no longer can figure out anything. Example, I just paid a bonus of $3 , and it says it charged me $3.33..... no explanation of the .33 cents,


then it shows at the bottom with a "release funds" button. WTF Did I not just make a payment? 


This is one example of dozens. 


Carlos, this has been an issue on oDesk. The freelancers also complaining regarding the amount and the oDesk commission.


I guess the solution would be to display amount + commissions in two colum every where on every interface.
I am sure oDesk is working on this issue.

Some of my clients have several teams, it used to be easy to switch from one team to the other, now with the recent changes I can’t see all teams/job post, the drop-down menu above open jobs is not working.


When will they test things before rolling them out..


I submitted a ticket and got a response on Mar 19 telling me that the issue is more complex, and that is has been escalated  to Technical Support Team. I hope they fix this soon 😞