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Interpreting discrepancies between country listed on profiles vs. invoices

I have noticed that in some cases the location that appears on the top left of a freelancer's profile (which seems to be considered the freelancer's 'country' in Upwork search results) differs from the business location as it is listed in the invoices that Upwork provides me from that freelancer. Does Upwork do any vetting or verification to determine that a freelancer actually lives/works in the country that appears on their profile?

The reason I ask is that some complicated tax-related rules apply to my business such that it matters how much of the work I have contracted out was done overseas, so it's important that I have accurate information on where the work was actually done.


Hi Gabriel,


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I want to clarify that a verification process exists to validate the freelancer's location. Would you mind sharing the Contract ID where you see the discrepancy?

~ Luiggi
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