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Inviting Freelancer from Elance to open job on UPwork!

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Rob m Member Since: Dec 19, 2015
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Does anyone know how I can invite a Freelancer to an upwork Job.


It seems there is a huge percentage of Elance talent that have not come over to Upwork.


When I try to invite or contact them on elance it redirects me to upwork & creating a new job.


I searched for many freelancers from Elance that don't show up on upwork.


Does anyone know of way to contact them through the system here without going to facebook or personal websites.


Upwrok should link this all together so clients should be able to invite Elancers to upwork jobs, this will motivate them to activate their upwork account when there is a 400$ job on the line.


I tried every single button & possibility,

it seems there is noway you can contact Elance talent that have not created accounts yet without doing personal searches on Google & contacting them outside of the upwork/elance system.


if anyone has some solution I would really appreicte it.

Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Rob,


If you worked with a freelancer on Elance and you both transferred your profiles to Upwork, your will see the link to their profile in the carousel for rehire when you log into Upwork. 


You can’t hire or invite Elance freelancers who haven't copied their profile to Upwork.

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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In addition to what Vladimir shared, you can check out "Bring Your Own Freelancer" feature and read more about it here. You will need the freelancer's email address to use the feature.

~ Valeria
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Rob m Member Since: Dec 19, 2015
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so from what i understoon there is no way to invite them directly through upwork. 


you suggested emailing them,  it would be much easier for upwork to produce a simple system to invite them as you have all their emails on record wihen they signed up to elance. 


dont think its good for clients to go looking for freelancers out of the system here. 

Community Guru
Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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ummm, Elance/Upwork has been pushing freelancers to move to Upwork since around July. If your freelancer hasn't moved yet, it's not like there isn't a huge green button on his home screen, several emails warning him of the move, and when you log in it says that jobs are moving to Upwork.


The only way Elance could have made it more obvious was to take a clue bat and hit him upside the head with it. Really, they've had the system in place for over 6 months.

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Rob m Member Since: Dec 19, 2015
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Yeah i knew all, that it does the same thing as a client,. 


Nothing can be more motivating to push the freelancer to make the more than a good Job offer.


i cant imagine it would be too hard to implement that system of making job offers or inviting to an open job on elance. 


upwork is a huge company now, sure they have the resources to allow for this. 

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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Doing things cross platform is a huge initiative, and if the freelancer can't take the time to click a button and merge their profile for 2 seconds (ok, maybe it takes like 5 seconds), then they don't care that much about their clients on Elance or on Upwork. They aren't going to put any effort into the Elance platform when it's going away. That just makes sense. I would guess that Elance isn't that important to this freelancer, because for the last 2-3 months the platform has really been dead for freelancers.


Just email your dude and say that you're on Upwork. The messaging center still works on Elance too, so if you message them through Elance, they will get it. 

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Wendy C Member Since: Aug 24, 2015
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Rob M,


Many of the former eLance providers, myself included, have concerns about UpWork's presentation, user interface and early 'shake out snafus'. 


Because of these concerns many have migrated out of necessity but have listed ourselves as not available, available on a limited basis and/or marked our profiles private. 


If you have worked with the freelancers in question and have contact info, email them directly and explain your new job and ask if they will activate their accounts to accept Invite Only requests to bid.


I realize how after the fact my post is but hope it helps.  Good luck!

Community Leader
Saiful I Member Since: Aug 22, 2015
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There is not any specific way, where you will able to find Elancer. But on your job hire page: you will get your previous awarded Elancer profile to hire again them.



Thanks, Looking forward to hearing your response about my opinon.


~ Saiful, Upwork Freelancer
Be honest, works will looking for you.
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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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@Saiful I wrote:


Thanks, Looking forward to hearing your response about my opinon.


 Saiful, did you even READ the thread?


If freelancers have NOT migrated then they can't be re-invited either on Upwork or on Elance