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Invoice from freelancers for Polish company


I'm acting on Upwork as a Polish company(SP. Z o.o.) to get some development services for our product.

We should collect invoices to build reports for the tax office.

Polish requirements for invoices say that **bleep**(tax identification number) should be on the invoice.

I asked Upwork support about it and they said that **bleep** isn't supported and can't be placed on the invoice.

Can anyone help me with resolving this issue or share experience?

I don't want to leave Upwork because of such bureaucracy.


Best Regards,


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Yury,


I can confirm that there is no option to add a TIN number on invoices, we will forward your suggestion to our team for further consideration. Could you please share the support ticket link that you mentioned so that we can take a look just to confirm the information you received?


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
Community Member

The invoices you receive are directly from the freelancers you hire, even if technically they are created by the platform. But Upwork is not the seller, the freelancer is.


You can ask the freelancer to re-create the invoices with the proper format you need. Then you both use the new invoice instead of the old one.

That means you also have to check in advance if the freelancer you intend to hire acts as a company or not.

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