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Issue with Invitations

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Charlie E Member Since: Aug 2, 2015
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I noticed that there has been a lot of discussion regarding the lack of invitations being received by freelancers. 


I would just like to add my 2 cents on this subject and put forward my theory regarding the primary cause of this issue:


Whenever you list a new job, the recommended freelancers Upwork suggests are much of the time irrelevant to the job post. It appears to me that there is a major issue with the platforms matching algorithm. 


Additionally, when posting a job, I have been unable to figure out how to invite individual suggested freelancers. It appears that you have only 2 choices:


  1. Invite all freelancers suggested by Upwork. The reason why I never choose this option is because I typically find that at least 50% of the suggested freelancers are completely irrelevant to the type of job. 
  2. Invite no-one and then manually search Upwork and invite freelancers individually. 

There are a couple of issues with choice number 2:


  1. Again, the search function just does not work. For example, if I search "Amazon Seller Central Consultant", the search turns up PHP developers, Linux administrators and graphic designers. IMO, one of the main reasons for the poor search functionality is that Upwork has an extremely limited number of "job skills" tags. On the client side, when creating a new job, you are given the opportunity of creating a new job skill. Most of us don't have the time to do this as the information Upwork request us to fill in is time consuming. Someone from Upwork needs to go in and create an extensive list of job skill tags (like Elance).
  2. The search results are limited to something like 8 freelancers per page. The time it takes to look through 5 pages of freelancers given the extremely slow site performance is just not feasible for a busy person. 

The result is, for the few jobs I have posted in the past couple of weeks, it has taken me a long time to search for and invite qualified freelancers. 


What I imagine a lot of clients are doing given the time consuming process of inviting freelancers, is simply not inviting anyone at all. 


The freelancer side of the platform has it's difficulties, but I find the client side to be extremely unintiutive and difficult to navigate (not to mention very time consuming and inefficient).


I am not a computer illiterate. I have a graduate degree in statistics, and a very strong background in statistical programming. 


My intention here is not to put down Upwork. This post is merely intended to highlight the importance of logical thinking. In other words, these problems exist and there is a solution. Defending a broken product is not a solution.


I have struggled to manage my jobs. The message system is extremely confusing. It is littered with freelancers that I exchanged a couple of messages with and never hired. About 50% of the time I cannot access the message system. When I can access the message system, there is usually some persistent issue like not being to download/upload attachments. 


Given the aforementioned issues, I have decided to post any future jobs I may have on Elance instead of Upwork. I kindly ask that Upwork administration keep Elance open until ALL of the issues with the Upwork platform are resolved Smiley Happy