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Re: Issue with freelancers raising their rates?

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Courtney S Member Since: Jan 1, 2018
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My point in my post was to see if something can be done to protect both clients and freelancers, saving them wasted time, energy, declining other offers, essentially losing money.

My job post simply said basic Japanese business translations in which their profiles state their rates cover this simple yet specific task. Just like how I spent time reaching out to a freelancer who went from $12/hour to $25/hour for basic email translations, I don't think it would be far if a client posted a job for $2000 and after that freelancer spends time, energy and declines other options, the client tells them actually we'll give you $1000 for this job.

For bigger, multifaceted jobs, I can see how there would be more haggling. Unfortunately mine was stright forward enough to not warrant a double increase to a rate that freelancers state they do in their profile.


I own a startup company, I am extremely limited on funds, but I do want to be fair about how I pay someone for the job they do. Taking by your reply Nichola it seems you think it quite easy for clients to shelve out money and possibly want to take advantage of freelancers, which is a shame. 

For my search, seeing rates double did turn me off and who knows how many more good clients come on looking for a fair rate to see the same thing happen.

Again, my point was is this the most honest and respectable process for both freelancers and clients? 



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Prashant P Member Since: Sep 29, 2015
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Well Courtney.  Upwork is a lawless frontier.  Habitats make their own rules.  It is possible that some of your applicants used low rate as a hook.  But there are also cases when buyer wants an expert level freelancer based in US, but after discussion it turns out that they are offering entry level Asia Pacific prices.   And here are also lots and lots of buyers (I would speculate more than 50%) who post a job and don't hire anyone (some of them post jobs just for fun).  Wouldn't you say that is waste of freelancer's time and their precious Upwork currency - 'connects'?


I had mentioned earlier, I do that.  I bid varying amount from my posted rate.  If it is a small job, I bid posted rate or even higher.  Less than that it is not worth it for me.  Depending upon how long I think the gig will take I adjust my rate.  In addition, small jobs suck up lot of time communicating and many buyers think communication time should be 'free'.


Yes you may be in startup mode with limited funds, but the rate should not bother you or think it is waste of your time.  That is the price you pay when you are bargain hunting.   If you like a freelancer and even if at higher rate you believe they can do excellent job that is within your budget go for it.  If it turns you off - next one please.

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Rene K Member Since: Jul 10, 2014
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@Courtney S wrote:

Just like how I spent time reaching out to a freelancer who went from $12/hour to $25/hour for basic email translations,




Buying translation services works better on per word rates. You know in advance how much you will pay. But if someone charges $12/h for Japanese to English translation, I hope you don't actually need the translation, because you are obviously dealing with a bozo.


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