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Issues with this freelancer **Edited** - terrible work and not giving me refund

I have already asked this person the refund of my $120 for the following reasons:

- did not respect project deadline
- terrible programming (front end and backend)
- Clearly out of his league and not professionally capable.

Result Is from his 'all will be done in 5 days'. I had to rehire another agency and I am 2 months behind on schedule.
This person should not be on Upwork. Upwork please run this up. As i cannot get in contact with you from Italy.

Mark Chambers


Hi Mark,


I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Please feel free to contact our support team if you need assistance in getting a refund from a freelancer. Dispute assistance is available from Upwork Customer Support if the last payment on a contract was within the previous 30 days, or as long as funds are held in escrow on a fixed-price contract. You may review or update mediation cases by logging into your Upwork account and going to the Dispute Center.

~ AJ
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I don't work for Upwork. As a client, I have hired over 180 freelancers on Upwork. Below is my opinion:


If you have issues with a freelancer, then you STOP PAYING that freelancer.

Very simple.

But as for refunds?
No, that's not how this works.


Refund thinking hurts clients.

Thinking about refunds will just cost you more money and waste your time.


You asked this freelancer for a refund.

But he doesn't want to give you a refund.

Yeah, that's usually what will happen.

I advise you to PROACTIVELY PLAN to never ask freelancers for money.


It is far safer to do this:

If you don't love a freelancer's work, then close the contract and assign tasks to other team members.

It is far easier to STOP paying money to a freelancer than to pay the freelancer money and then ask for it back.


re: "This person should not be on Upwork."


Honestly? Who cares?

You are putting the needs of OTHERS before your own needs.

You are putting the needs of this freelancer and the needs of other clients before your own needs.


What you SHOULD do is put your own needs first. Put the needs of your project first.


This means:


You should have made that decision a long time ago.

This freelancer is terrible. Why did you keep this freelancer on your team for so long?


YOU don't need to wait for ANYBODY at Upwork. You can kick this freelancer off your team immediately.


Then if you really want to spend your time protecting other clients from this freelancer, feel free to do so. But you're not obligated to spend any more of your time on this freelancer.

thanks for the reply. I know how upwork works,. I have been using it for years. However it's the first time I have been fooled, even after viewing his so called portfolio. I obviously kicked him off. But he still scammed 120 dollars out of me and created project delivery timing enormously. The purpose of this message was to get help from Upwork and also to warn others.  I wanted to modify my review, but being after 15 days ( of asking refund - which he said he would have done)  I have been left high and dry.

BTW another studio is in my team fixing it


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