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Job Posts: Setting Location to USA or Canada Only

When posting a new job and you are setting your location preferences you have two options (1) USA only and you can add your preferred time zone and (2) worldwide add your preferred countries. At this time, is there no way to only capture Canada and USA freelancers only?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Rachel,


You can select the US only and that will be a requirement, which means freelancers outside of the US won't be able to see the job.


You can also set preferences for the job and those can be for any country. That will show on the job and inform freelancers about your preferences but freelancers will still be able to apply. You can check the "Can I post a job for a particular country?" section of this help article for more information.


Thank you!

~ Bojan
Community Member

So to clarify for me.....

U.S.A. ONLY needs to be set at the CLIENT end,

so that it will be properly filtered at the FREELANVERS job search.

Is this correct?

Hi David,


Correct. US Only jobs set by the client, will not appear to freelancers outside the US.

~ Luiggi
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