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Job expired before completion?



I had a job posting and hired a freelancer to do it. Today I got a message from Upwork that the job has expired and I couldn't add the same freelancer to that job posting - he was declined.

I quickly duplicated that job posting and invited him again. 

Now, I have two questions:

1. If a posting expires how do I re-add the freelaner that I had hired?

2. Since I closed the previous posting will I be fully refunded for that?




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Hello David,


I just checked your account and I could see that you already managed to re-add your previous freelancer to your new job post. If you closed a job post and no transaction was made, you will be fully refunded. Escrow refunds will be returned to the billing method used for the deposit. The credit to your billing method will take up to five business days to appear. Funds held more than 60 days may instead be returned to your balance for reuse due to refund time limit restrictions 


my job was ongoing. why has it expired? Any chance I can use the same job? I created a new one today, but my freelancer is in the previous one. I get confused with a lot of changes. please explain what to do avoid my job closing before I want it. thank you.  

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There is a difference between a job post expiring and a job being closed for inactivity.


The former does not affect any ongoing contracts, the latter does.


If you have hired a freelancer on a fixed rate contract, and do not release any funds to the freelancer for 90 days, then the contract is closed as Escrow funds can not be held longer than that without at least some payment being made.


Make sure you structure future contracts in such a way that this does not happen, it is also not fair to the freelancer to work on your project for moths on end without any payment being forthcoming.


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