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Landing page suggestion

I think it would make more sense on the lUpwork landing page (after loging in) to have the button for open Contracts be "Messages" instead of "Pay Now". I use messages daily, even multi times daily, but I Pay Now only a few times through the course of the contract. As it is I have to click on the contract name (to get to that cotract's page for more options) and even then on that page "Pay Now" is the first and highlighted choice. Maybe Upwork is anxious to get their cut of the pay thus the prompting to pay now, but "Messages" is the button I need all the time throughout the contract. My two cents, if anyone is listening.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi John, 

You should be able to go to your Messages tab even if you go to any other part of your profile. It is readily available on top of the page. 


Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 1.25.44 PM.png

~ Avery

Yes I am aware that there are other ways to the messages section. My point was, which you you either didn't get or chose to ignore, is that the "Pay Now" button is of little use and could be replaced with a button that would actually be used such as "Messages". I only pay my contractor occasionally through the course of a job but I message them daily. 

Boy do I still miss Elance.

It's doubtful that what you're requesting will come to pass - the platform is what it is. It's frustrating that all the links we need are not on all the pages, as they should be.


What I suggest is that you try saving the pages you want to get to quickly as bookmarks on my browser toolbar. This is what I did and it's helpful. So I have a page for messages, for transactions,for these forums, etc. etc.


Maybe someday the platform will be more user-freindly, but until then ... this work-around might help you.


I miss Elance too.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for your feedback, John. 


"Pay Now" button is there because it's referring to the information about milestone amounts it's next to.

If you click on the action button right next to it, you'll be able to access Messages for that contract:



~ Valeria