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Language Requirements?

Hi everyone!


I'm building a small brand here in Sweden, and I´m looking for freelancers that can help me with ads etc. Now, it´s not the easiest thing to find someone working with ads that also knows Swedish. I´m wondering, would you regard that as an absolute necessity if hiring someone to help you with your ads? Or, would it be enough if that person knows English, and goes from there? I would believe it necessary to now Swedish. But on the other hand, maybe its enough to know the "marketing language" itself. Please share your thoughts here. 


All the best


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Hi, Erik.


A major US company once had a car they call the Nova.


It sold well in the US, but was not a big hit in Latin America, not least because “No va” means “Doesn’t go”, or less literally “Doesn’t work” in Spanish.


Great advertising copy makes use of the subtleties of language. No matter how great verbiage is in English, great care will need to be taken by a native Swedish speaker to provide just the right message, especially if your copy includes edgy or trendy new words of new uses of old words.


Good luck!

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