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Gloria S Member Since: Jan 26, 2017
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Where is live cht button ? I need to speak with upwork agency . I face a problem . This is my client account . I need to talk . Please help to get this option . 



Community Guru
Virginia F Member Since: Feb 15, 2016
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You can fine Help and Support under the question mark icon on your account page.

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Michael H Member Since: Jan 21, 2017
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Try using the question mark to get in touch with someone.  Upwork seems to have eliminated support for its clients.  A major shift in service policy that will surely negatively affect this site.



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Tariq A Member Since: Apr 28, 2016
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Searching form last 30 minutes but unable to find. Where is live chat.

Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Gloria, 


I see you managed to locate chat support and contact our team.




Please go to the Help Center > click the Get Help link on the right side > select the appropriate tabs from the drop down menus and you'll see the option to contact chat support.

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Michael H Member Since: Jan 21, 2017
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There is no "get help" link on the right side.  There are four options after you click the question mark.  







I have searched through all of these links and cannot locate any live support links, phone numbers or email support addresses.



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Michael H Member Since: Jan 21, 2017
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As far as I can tell there is no help anymore on this site.  I have been looking for a week.

Community Guru
Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Michael: what you are seeing is a technical issue, and not an intentional change in policy.


Upwork administrators and Forum moderators are not aware of the extent of this problem, or the frequency with which clients and top-earning freelancers are finding customer support unavailable.

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Michael H Member Since: Jan 21, 2017
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Thanks Preston-  


So, any advice on how to deal with the technical issue?  Does anyone know how long the technical issue will last?  Is there a link you can paste to live support?





Community Guru
Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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For now, try using different browsers...


Opera, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Explorer.


Try using different operating systems...Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.


Try using different types of devices... Desktop, mobile, etc.


The display of support options is dependent on the browser a user uses, and the device... It is not purely server-side generated. There is client-side JavaScript used in the display, and this may not be working properly for you, while working right for others.


Be sure to be logged in to Upwork as fully as possible. Choose your client/company profile within your account.


Availability differs according to the time zone, time of day, region, country, day of the week, and current available resources.


It is not Upwork's intent that you be unable to reach Customer Support. But they are using some technological implements which they have not fully tested and they are not fully aware of the ramifications for all users.