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Lost my trust in Upwork! Odesk was 100 times better

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Wim J Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Since Odesk, a company I started working with and was very satisfied about there service, it has been a disappointment on disappointment when it changed to Upwork.


To long to mention all, as most long term clients will remember the changes.


Costs have gone up heavily: payment charge, double % commissions, higher exchange fees etc.


But service has gone down!


Till the breaking point I am at the moment.  TRUST


When you contract a freelancer, you have the job description visible for all people what you are looking for.


But then the job "Terms & Conditions"  are written in the "work description" section at the moment you sent a freelancer an offer.    (in the past it was named differently until Upwork changed the layout again)


The freelancer accepts the offer and "work descriptions = "Terms & Conditions"  and starts working.


In the past the "work description" section was named differently. So I asked Upwork help about it on the moment I was making the offer to the freelancer. The Upwork support explained me all and told me it was now named "work description"  . Print screens and all where sent about where to write the "terms & conditions" in a job offer = Work description.



Please note, these T&C are private and personal and can not be posted in the public Job description.   It should be clear for any reader that a job advertising has never the T&C written in it.



Job offer was sent and freelancer accepted it.


Only for months later to find out that Upwork, without notice to client or freelancer has deleted the "work description" part in a job offer.  = Upwork just deletes someones Terms & Conditions of an ongoing job without notifying both. 


This is beyond all what up till now I noticed from Upwork and totally lost my trust in them.


A support ticket about it, is just letting the client wait for 3 weeks without any news or solution with the idea to let the case die in silent as Upwork knows what they did.


I have some long term jobs (+ 2 years) running on Upwork, am not using there timetracking, so only use it as the contract was created there.


Now the contract terms and conditions are deleted by Upwork (they do what they want without notice) , and trust is gone, for what good reason should I keep those contracts then in Upwork?


Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Wim,


I took the time and reviewed all the conversations you had with different agents on different tickets, and while still not being 100% sure about the issue you're describing, I'd like to ask you to check the contract's Workroom and confirm if the terms (price and weekly limit) shown under Terms and Settings tab is the information you're looking for?


I might have misunderstood your comments, in which case please let me know, but I can assure you that Upwork hasn't deleted the terms you included in your offer to your freelancer, which are visible under the tab I mentioned, in your Messages and on the offer details page.

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Claudia Z Member Since: Jul 28, 2015
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@Wim J wrote:

Job offer was sent and freelancer accepted it.


Was it a direct offer? I don't know what clients see on their side in this regard but the freelancers cannot see the actual job post page and description if they are sent a direct offer.

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Jennifer D Member Since: Feb 15, 2016
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The default text for the work description in an offer is the job description. But you can change that when you make an offer. I change it every time. They are just giving you a default instead of a blank box.