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Malicious Freelancer

I need advice. So, I hired a freelancer for a job. During the process of the 2nd milestone, I noticed that her work was not up to par and I was skeptical about funding the 3rd milestone which included analysis. I asked her repeatedly if she could do it, she said that she could, that in fact, she had done the 3rd milestone. That was what she did that made me fund the second milestone but the work was disappointing. So, I told her that the work was not good enough, I paid her 90% of the milestone and she approved the 10% refund.

I then wrote another job post to source for another freelancer. This shoddy freelancer wrote really scathing remarks on my review, and she said I was double crossing her, that why would I be sourcing for another freelancer to do a cheaper job for me, so she would ensure that the work she submited was useless. Like, I can't use my money to source for another freelancer anymore???? Then I told her to refund all the payment then, since she had sabotaged the work on the same day I approved her payment. She said the money is gone since I approved the payment (which was less than 24 hours of approving the payment). I will like to know if the money is truly gone and she could decide to not refund any money.

Thank you.

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In short: If you released amount then yes, it is lost.

You can dispute only a while money at escrow and not released to freelancer.

Freelancer able to issue full refund now but not must. Ask support, maybe some way still exist.

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