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My client account is saying username incorrect.



For some reason I can't sign into my client account for Mahari**Edited for community guidelines**. It's telling username incorrect which makes no sense because I was able to sign in before can somebody in signing me back in.email: **Edited for community guidelines**

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I just had to create this fake account to message you guys. My client account “Mahari**Edited for community guidelines**” is not letting me sign in anymore. It was working up until about an hour ago. I don’t what went wrong. Can somebody help me sign back into my account. I am trying to hire freelancers Asap.

Hi Mahari, 


I have checked with the team and they have confirmed that they reached out to you on this ticket. They are currently waiting for your response on the ticket to assist you further. Please know that the same email was also sent to the email address associated with your Upwork account. Thank you. 

~ Joanne
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I'd like payment method removed from my sons account. His account got suspended so he cannot do it himself. The account name is Mahari**Edited for community guidelines**. Thank You.

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