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My client is demanding more work than the agreement and he is blackmailing me with a bad review

This just one point about which I'm going to discuss he demand more than one point to do in extra which are not mentioned in job posting.
At start client ask me to add delete button in side menue which was not mentioned in original agreement. I add delete button. But now he is asking me to customize it. When I ask him to increase budget he threatend me for bad review.
Not this delete button is being used in four apps. He want me to do in four apps for free.
Screenshot attached.
Please help me thanks .

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First of all... Don't work for free.


You are the professional.

You know when a task is done.

When you have completed a task, then the client needs to pay for it.


Do not spend one minute doing any work that goes beyond what was specified in the original task agreement.


If the client does not release payment for your work once you have completed the agreed-upon task, then you may need to do this:



Agreed, but very rarely a rule works for everyone and every time.


With a JSS of ~100% and ~300 jobs done in your bag, this is easier to say.


With a JSS of 67% and <10 jobs finished, it may not be. The client may be very aware of this and may be using it to get a cheaper job, that is true.


But I don't think it is so easy to say what Ghullam should do. When I started I also did and accepted things I would not accept now, because then I had other needs. If your JSS is 67% your needs may not be the same as someone with a 100% JSS.


Ghullam, only you know what is best for you. In my opinion, you should consider many different things before deciding if you accept the client's request or not.


For instance:


Are my principles above my needs or is it the other way around? What are my needs? Are $10, $20 or $30 more valuable to me than a better JSS?  Is Upwork my main source of work? And why do I have a JSS of 67% when all my public reviews are 5 stars? Why do my clients leave a stellar public feedback but apparently the private feedback is very different? What can I do to improve my JSS? Do I want to?

The answer to these may help find an answer to "Should I decline the petition of extra work? Should I go into dispute over $80?".

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What about negative feedback and rating?
Even I'm on my rights.
can you please tell me?

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