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Hi there,


I have been a client for a while on upwork. So far i'm very satisfied but there is one big problem.


The other day i posted a job, and a client contacted me through email ! When I responded to his email and asked him how he got my email, he said it came along with the job post. Anyone knows how i can hide my email for good? This is so personal, i want my business life to be on upwork, and through the upwork chat. I don't want people to just send me a mail. I want don't want anyone to know my email


Thanks a bunch, 


We do not see client emails in job posts. Are you sure there weren't clues in your post, perhaps a website where you do have contact information available?


Sometimes there are easy ways to find client information through RFP posts, or from previous freelancer's feedback if they used your name. I'm not saying it's right to do that ... only that it does happen.


By the way, you might want to consider reporting that freelancer, since they may have been trying to circumvent the platform.

Thank you Virginia for your reply, 


Are you 100% sure we do not see the customer's email address on job post ? If that's the case then i'm worried, and don't know how she got my email. I talked about my website **Edited for Community Guidelines** on the job post, but my persoanl mail wasn't on that website ( only the mail of the customer service)


about the client, she said she doesn't work for upwork, that's even more worrying. If that's the case I wonder how she saw the post

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Chan Ho,


I understand your privacy concerns but rest assured that your email isn't shared with other Upwork users without your consent. We encourage Upwork users to use Upwork Messages for communication.


As Virginia noted, if your company website or name were included in the job description or feedback, the freelancer may have used that information to contact you.

~ Valeria

Despite the other replies, the same thing happened to me.  I haven't found a solution yet. 

Hi Blaze,


Did you have a freelancer contact you via email directly? Can you please share with us more information about your case? 


Thank you.

~ Luiggi
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