My freelancer is not responding for almost one month

My freelance is not responding from last one month. I am really upset, I don't understand what I can do with this contract where I have not put any deadlines. 

he is coming online, but not responding to me. 

Should i end the contract or will someone guide which is the best way to talk with him?

the problem is that i have done half (Phase 1) with him and now for the phase 2 he is not responding. even if i cancel this phase 2 contract, with the phase 1 which he have developed is no use to me because other freelance people says his code is hard to read, and they want to do from phase 1 by rewriting the code. 

what should I do?  


Hi Krishna,

We can try and reach out to your freelancers from our end.
One of our team members will contact you directly via ticket and assist you further, thank you.

~ Goran

Thanks a lot for your assurance by contacting on behalf of me. please do that and let me know why he has completely stopped communicating with me. 

also, let me know what i should do henceforth. 

Hi Krishna,

Unfortunately we don`t know why the freelancer stopped communicating with you. 

We could wait for a day or two and see if the freelancer respond back to us and follows up with you to finish phase 2 of the project.
The second option would be to end the contract and leave a truthful feedback for the freelancer.

~ Goran


     You should not end the contact now, first goto this official support page on up work and file a dispute and you will be  refunded + after that end the contract you can give the bad rating and bad feedback on his profile so his rising talent badge will be gone + 100% job success rate badge will be gone also top rated badge will be gone.





The ones saying you need a "rewrite" may be scamming (too). 


Anyway, a "milestone" should have represented something useful that you "approve".


Sounds like you approved something you "cannot use" (your words).