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My freelancer not replying me. Refund my complete amount please.

I recently hired one **Edited for Community Guidelines** freelancer for a job. I was asked to him about update many times. And he just ignore my messages even he is online.


First time he said to me his country have electricity problem.


Second time he Said his laptop was not charge.


Then i said ok but please at least add 1 product to my store. I give 24 more hours But he didn't do anything thing.


Even didn't login my shopify store for start work because if his logged in i got notification from Shopify.


I attached the screenshots kindly focus on my case.


The main concern is that i pay "initial fee" to Upwork for start contract.


Add pay 10$ for escrow. Project price 100$.


When i was transferred the money from my bank account i pay 3$ my country tax fee.


What about this all stuff. Please Upwork team help me. And refund my whole amount...


Contract id: 36393612


Thanks - Moiz.


**Edited for Community Guidelines**


Hi Muhammad,


I am sorry to hear about your experience with this freelancer. I understand your frustration with the freelancer's performance and I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. I have reviewed the job details and I noticed you still have an active milestone for this job.


We understand that sometimes deadlines can be tight and in this case, you have the option to end the contract and request a refund for the escrow funds. Please be informed that the contract fees and taxes cannot be refunded. To proceed with an escrow refund, you can refer to this help page and follow the instructions. Alternatively, you can browse our platform and find another qualified freelancer who can deliver your task in a timely manner. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


- Pradeep


Hi PradeepH,



Even he is not responding me always look at this screenshots i attached for community.

I dont now but nowadays i realized upwork provide his worst service ever i saw on any freelancing platform.

Also look if this freelancer is not responding me so what is my mistake why CLIENTS PAY for this all stuff.

"initial fee" to Upwork for start contract.


Add pay 10$ for escrow. Project price 100$.


When i was transferred the money from my bank account i pay 3$ my country tax fee.

What about this all stuff. Please Upwork team help me. And refund my whole amount...
If you cannot help me upwork team tell me then i will never use upwork as a client. and delete it.

You guys should refund all amounts to CLIENTS if they face this type of problems.

I NEED MY 16$ REFUND initial fee 3$ + ESCROW 10$ + Country tax 3$ = 16$.

Thanks - Moiz.

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

I understand your concern, Muhammad. I would like to inform you that the taxes are forwarded to the government and cannot be refunded if the contract is ended.


Apologies for the confusion in my previous message. I checked with the relevant team and I stand corrected that the contract initiation fee is applicable to contracts with payments only. In this case, since there was no payment made to the freelancer the contract initiation fees will be refunded after the freelancer approves the refund request. Feel free to message us if you need further assistance. 


- Pradeep


Ok so now can i request a refund to him..


But his is not replying me so. If he denied me then?


Because i dont think I clearly looks its Nigerian scammer Upwork should ban this type of freelancers.


To save clients time who provide jobs to others and make upwork wealth.


Thanks PradeepH brother for your understanding.


I appreciate you brother. But kindly so something for me.


I wanna hire again someone to complete this job so how i can pay again tax 3$ 🙂 again and again.


If Upwork team refund me 3 intail fee +3 tax fee = 6$.


I will be very happy guys with you and i will know that you guys are co-operative.

Hi Muhammad,


Once you initiate an escrow refund, the freelancer will have 7 days to respond and submit a dispute if they disagree. You can visit this page for more information on how the refund process works. 


Regarding the taxes charged, as Pradeep mentioned above, I'm afraid these won't be refunded. 

~ Luiggi
Community Member

Hi luiggi,


Please do something. I just need it back because i wanna invest here again.


i need second hiring why i invest again and again. Its all about only 6$


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Same situation here. If the freelancer doesn't reply or leave any single word, I can't even refund with initiation fee? That's ridiculous. How come this project been "initiated"? 

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