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My hired freelancer was suspended and is asking me to pay her via Paypal

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Moyosore A Member Since: Aug 8, 2019
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Thank you very much. I appreciate your prompt response.

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Moyosore A Member Since: Aug 8, 2019
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I haven't received any update from any support team on my situation.



Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Moyosore, 


I apologize for the delay in receiving an update. I'll go ahead and follow up with the team handling your case and you can expect one of our agents to reach out to you directly via support ticket as soon as possible.


Thank you for your patience.

~ Bojan
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Moyosore A Member Since: Aug 8, 2019
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And the support team hasn't responded to my ticket

Community Guru
Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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[NOTE: The following has nothing to do with the original poster, and merely posits a hypothetical situation that I might be faced as a client:]


The problem with working with Upwork Customer Support is that I do not have control over what they do.


As a client, I can not control the outcome of any interaction with Customer Support.


I can not control when they respond to tickets, or even if they respond.


As a busy client, I don't really have time to post tickets and create threads in the Community Forum and repeatedly follow up on these things in order to seek a desired outcome.


Thus: Faced with a situation in which a freelancer I hired has had their Upwork account suspended, and now asks to be paid via PayPal, I tell the freelancer:


"Josephine: I appreciate the work you have done on the project, but Upwork ToS prohibits me from paying freelancers outside of the platform. I wish you well in getting your account suspension issues resolved. Please message me when you have things worked out and can work on Upwork once more. Until then, I will be working with other freelancers that I will be hiring on Upwork."