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Need Help/suggestions regarding job post.


Since last few days i have hired few freelancher for writing article for my blog. those contract were fixed priced.


So right now i need freelancer for Editing & Proofreading !! So my question is sould i go for hourly basis or fixed price? how much usually need to pay for Editing & Proofreading for hourly basis or 1000 words article? 

If their are any expreience client who have hired editor and proofreader before, please guide me, i would appreciate it !!!


Thanks in Advance

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If you want QUALITY it will be much more than $10 you paid in your other post.

I dont know why you are so serious on my paying amount,,, since i'm new in this flatform and you are not, i'm sure you should know there are many (huge) freelancher available who are still ready to work in lower rate and they are talented enough to provide quality work, i hope you heard about word call "Rasing talent". 

Because you bring my other post, i would love to add few words on that, I can see you are taged with word call community guru. I don't know what it does means but how come you support plagiarism, If you justify plagiarism by paying amount, then 2 minutes silents for you sir. 


And sir i would appreciate if you can't help me with advice then please to do not waste my time by posting you unnecessary thoughts. 



Prashant is absolutely right and answered your question. And since you know there are freelancers who will work for pennies, and give you quality, I can't  think why you are asking this question on the forum.


Your attitude is not very likely to endear you to anyone you hire.


Hi Nichola,

I would appreciate his reply if he wouldn't do this. https://community.upwork.com/t5/Clients/Freelancer-Provide-Me-100-Copy-Paste-Article/m-p/458541#M364...

That time i was so patient and ignore what he said, but this time i couldn't control my fingers to type.


Hope you understand.

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This is the 3rd time this week, that an OP when asking a questions and getting replies, got all up in arms about it and refuse to accept the suggestions or replies that were received.  All of us here contrary to what you may think, do not spend our time on here to give snarly, arrogant answers because we have nothing better to do.


There's really no need to ask what to pay for a certain job. You pay what you want to pay. If you pay low, you will most likely get freelancers who will either do sloppy work, or who may not feel like putting in so much time and effort of a low budget and therefore will copy and paste content found elsewhere on the internet and pass it off as if they did it.


So, to answer your questions, your budget should reflect what you intend to pay no matter what the job may consist of. If you, as you say, get proposals at that rate from freelancer who are willing to work at that rate and are talented, then great. If you get another freelancer like you did before, then maybe you'll take our suggestions. So, in saying that, go for fixed rate, that way no matter how long a freelancer will take, you'll only be paying one price. Minimum amount for fixed rate jobs is $5. That's a little above $3 for hourly jobs, but consider that you might end up paying more if the freelancer takes more then an hour to complete your work.



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