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Need help getting a refund!

I hired a freelancer 2 weeks ago with an hourly contract, but after a few days I noticed he was spending way too much time and the bill went out of control. Then we made an agreement to change the contract into a fixed one, and I paid before he refunded me the hourly contract. 


After I paid for the fixed contract, he purposely delayed the time to refund the hourly contract and I filed a dispute immediately only to find his profile was not available and I had to call the support team. Before the support team could move forward, this freelancer's profile was available again with a different name and picture. 


Has anyone encountered this situation before? Is there any chance I could get my refund back?

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Click on the three dots at the top of your post on the right-hand side. Scroll down to contact a moderator who can open a support ticket for your issue.

Hope you resolve your issue!


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Contact Support with the details and screenshots.

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