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Need invoice in INDIAN RUPEES



I am a client located in India, and am working with freelancers based in India also. I am making payments through my credit card.


However, the invoices that are generated by Upwork are in USD. Is it possible for me to get invoices in INR?


TDS: As I understand, anyway I shall need to gross up and pay TDS (as upwork does not allow any deduction), but for that I shall need the Freelancers' PAN number. How can i get that in the invoice?


GST:  GST is not added,

a. if the invoice is in USD I shall need to pay GST directly to the govt (reverse charge mechanism), and then claim setoff

b while if it is in INR, and from a non-registered freelancer, then no GST is added in Invoice


Also, if the invoice is in INR then i suppose it will not be considered as a foreign remittance so i shall not need to file Form 15CA/CB?


Anyone here having experience with this, do please suggest.

Thanks very much,Vivek 




Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Vivek,

At the moment all of our invoices are generated with USD as a currency, unfortunately we don't have an option to receive invoices with another currency.
Regarding your other questions, I can advise you to consult yourself with a local specialist.

I also hope that other clients from your country will see the post and share more information with you. Thank you.

~ Goran



Can upwork consider payment and taxes related to freelance work when client and freelancer/agench are based in India and serviced in India.  

How do we get invoice in Indian Rupees and related tax treatment.



Thank you for your feedback, Aparna, I will share it with our team.


Just to confirm, at the moment all payments on Upwork are in USD and the invoices generated are also in USD. Thank you.

~ Goran
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Hi Vivek,


I also need to know how are you filing form 15CA/CB if youre paying using your Credit card for making payment to upwork in USD.

Could not do this, hence I did only a few projects as an Individual. Could not use my company for this, so Upwork did not work for me and I had to use another Freelancer platfom which provides INR invoices

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