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Need someone on the policy team to help me

The policy team has still not reviewed my profile. THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE ASAP. what does the policy team do all day?


Hi Benjamin,


I have checked your account and it looks like there are tickets that have been created with your concern. I highly suggest you communicate with our team through those tickets for further details and assistance. You can check your tickets on this page.


~ Arjay

They haven't communicated or done anything. I have been waiting for 3 days for the "policy team" to verify my ID. Arjay, if they don't verify me by tonight I will just go off upwork and hire the guy through venmo and upwork won't get paid. No difference to me. 

Dude. How has nobody verified my account? I would think it would take an hour tops, but it's taking days. Every support call I get on I just am told the policy team is the only one who can do it but we don't have access to them? The fact that I'm not able to get support is riduculous. It's a shame because this is a great platform. 

tension not bro they have good service they would be handle in mean time.

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