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Need to cancel a contract as client with money overdue in escrow

Hi all,


Unfortunately my ghostwriter has decided they can no longer proceed with the contract. We are both in agreement to end the contract.


There were 3 milestones. 1 was paid at the start of the book being written and we do not have a dispute with this as we will still be getting what we requested for Milestone 1 (15,000-20,000 words). Milestone 2 was for the next 15,000-20,000 and the next milestone was for the completed book.


Milestone 2 was due almost 2 weeks ago and it's after this point that the ghostwriter confirmed they cannot proceed (therefore Milestone 1 will be fulfilled, Milestone 2 is not). The writer has agreed that we only need to pay for Milestone 1 and not Milestone 2 as this work was not completed. Therefore as we paid at the start for Milestone 1 we do not owe the writer any more money.


The issue is, Milestone 2 was in escrow and in 2 days the money will automatically be released to the writer (as this point will be 2 weeks after the payment was due originally).


How do I stop this from happening as we have agreed that we do not need to pay Milestone 2?


Thanks for your help.



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Tell the freelancer to CLOSE the contract before the funds are released from escrow, as you are in agreement. That immediately sends the funds back to your payment method, where they will arrive after 2 to 5 business days.


There is absolutely no need for any dispute in this case at all.


The quickest way is for the freelancer to close the contract, the second quickest is for you to close it and go through the process of requesting a return of the escrow fees, which the freelancer then has to accept.

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