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Negative feedback about freelancer not showing

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Brian M Member Since: Dec 2, 2017
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After spending US$42,000 and investing 2 years of my time  I stopped a contract because of ineptitude of the freelancer

I left negative feedback to help protect other employers but now find the feedback is not showing with "No Feedback given" being displayed

Before starting the contract I was curiouse as to  why there were other employers that had spent around $40,000 or more all with "No Feedback given"

Given that my negative feedback has been blocked to protect the big income earning freelancer I find it not believable that the other employres would spend tens of thousands of dollars and give no feedback.

If in fact the other high dollar value employers have their feedback bocked then I have been mislead by upwork and would not have employed the freelancer company in the first place  and then  lost all of my money.


I note that only smaller jobs done by this freelancer, all with 5 star,  are showing


Please explain why my feedback and that of the others is not being displayed.


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Jennifer D Member Since: Feb 15, 2016
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Brian, if you only just left this feedback, it will show up after either the freelancer leaves feedback for you or 14 days, if they leave you no feedback. It also can sometimes take a few hours to be updated after one of those conditions is met.

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Prashant P Member Since: Sep 29, 2015
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what kind of project was that?  Did you just suddenly found out that your freelancer is no good after 2 years and $42,000 later?

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Wahidul Islam M Member Since: Aug 31, 2017
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Hi Brain,


You should send a paid test project before hiring longtime, I think this is the best way to hire in freelancing marketplace. 

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Brian M Member Since: Dec 2, 2017
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Upwork have a lot to answer for !

In my opinion all employers are bing mislead into the  belief that upwork are in fact above board and can be relied upon to be up front , honest and providie information that can be relied apon to make an informed decision whether to employ a freelancer or not 


While upwork alloy Freelancers and agencies to have the ability to remove negative feedback that they do not want displayed, Upwork is  far from providing a reliable service for which they are being handsomely paid.


Not knowing that freelancers and agencies could remove negative feedabck  I employed an agency with 10,000 hours complaint free and large jobs in the tens of thousands of dollars. I now know the reason they were complaint free.... because Upwork allowed them to  removed the negative feedback effectively hiding the truth from prospective employers


I hope that all employers read this reply that I received from Upwork as to why my negative content was not displayed :



With feedback, there is an option for Top Rated freelancer's to have the ability to remove a feedback per a certain criteria. 

The perk is described as the following needed:

" This perk is available to all Top Rated freelancers and agencies upon entry into the program. Only one job on Upwork's feedback can be removed from your Job Success Score at a time. Jobs performed on Elance are not eligible. At least three months must pass and at least 10 new jobs on Upwork must be completed before you can submit another request. If you personally are Top Rated but your agency is not, you can't remove feedback from contracts that agency.'

The freelancer may choose to have this removed per the criteria above.

Please let me know if you have any further questions at this time.




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Jennifer D Member Since: Feb 15, 2016
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As you can see from that email, the freelancer/agency have to be top rated, and they can only do that once every 10 contracts, and every 3 months. This means that the vast majority of their contracts have to not need to use the feedback removal option. Also, it shows on their profile as "this feedback has been removed".


It's certainly not like freelancers/agencies can just remove whatever feedback they want, whenever they want, as you seem to be implying.


More information is available at this help center link (which is publicly available information).


If you can't see the contract with the "this feedback has been removed" message, then as I said in my last post in this thread, it's most likely because the criteria for it to show up haven't been met yet.

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Amanda F Member Since: Aug 8, 2015
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Hello Brain. Sorry to hear about your trouble with the freelancer, but why did you spend so much without results? Did you have a project manager who had some knowledge of the work overseeing things? Is this an hourly or fixed rate project? If hourly, I personally would only allow so many hours at first and review the work before allowing the project to get to so much, and if fixed rate it would have been best to have multiple milestones of lesser amounts at the beginning. Did the freelancer provide you with any completed work, and have they been paid already in full? If the money has already been released it would be impossible to recover any most likely, unless you ask for a refund directly to the freelancer. Upworks is not the freelancer, they only help freelancers and clients find each other, mediate disputes, and provide a safe way to dealing with each other when you use the site properly.  


The perk you are referring too, as Jenifer pointed out, can only be used every 3 months, after 10 contracts are complete and if the freelancer is top rated and not every time an agency or freelancer has a bad review. 

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Prashant P Member Since: Sep 29, 2015
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I am still am confused why did it take you 2 years and $43,000 to find that out?  If you need some real help you need to share details about your job.


For example, if you had some crazy idea R&D for protyping or doing some experiments the resulta are not guaranteed. 


In general Upwork is the most friendly towards clients.

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Brian M Member Since: Dec 2, 2017
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The answer is simple


The contracted agency writes an email every day without missing one day in all that time. Not once do you not get an update on what is supposed to be happening.

Secondly, with such fantastic availability and personal attention from the account manager with complete reassurance that everything is going to plan plus that outstanding and wonderful accolades falsly advertised by upwork about this contractor, Then it is completely understandable that you would have faith in the fact that the agency is reputable and would not rip you off.


Thirdly once the contracted amount had been exceeded and reached around 10 - 15,000 you tell me how easiuly it is to walk away from this money, again, especially because of the proported reputation that Upwork allowed them to protray.


No. I was conned by a false reputation and an agency that produces a good income for  Upwork .


Do I take any responsability for this fiasco, certainly, I used a company that I was lead to believe was reputable without doing enough background work .


My hope is that nobody else gets caught by this company who willingly take your money while hiding negative comment from their top income earners



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Jennifer D Member Since: Feb 15, 2016
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Again, how do you know their reputation is false? Do they have a whole lot of "this feedback has been removed" contracts showing on their profile?


It is not possible for an agency/freelancer to just choose freely what feedback and contracts display on their profile and/or affect their JSS. The whole point of the JSS system is to prevent manipulation. For an agency/freelancer to have 100% JSS, the VAST MAJORITY of their contracts have ended successfully. There is no way for them to have 100% JSS with a large proportion of unsuccessful contracts.