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New Here - A little concerned about claims of fraud, rip-offs, bad practices

Hello. I am brand new here and looking to hire my first VA (although I have used Fiverr many times).


As I browse the messages I am amazed at how many clients complain of being scammed or defrauded by freelancers.


Understand I am not writing this from the standpoint of "I am such a negative guy" but rather looking for a real check list on proper vetting of a freelancer.


In my case, I am not planning (at this point) on long-term projects but I am concerned about handing over a few "keys to the kingdom" in terms of adminstration abilities on websites, company store, etc. Certainly the level of access can be restricted but that does not mean an unscrupulous freelancer could not do harm.


So, here is my actual question:


Is there a document that makes recommendations for Best Practices?



First off welcome to Upwork. Second, unfortunately on both sides of the fence there are those that are a bit questionable, but there are also some very good freelancers, and clients on Upwork as well.


Check the information at



There is another topic especially for how to hire a VA. 


Best Tips for Hiring a Virtual Assistant




You might also want to take a look at The Thread on Client Webinar, which has upcoming webinars on how to get the most out of Upwork




The webinar will give you valuable information on choosing a freelancer on Upwork.


Good Luck with your new venture and I am sure you will find a wonderful VA to help with what you are looking to do.



Great post Suzanne!  I agree, bad apples fall on both sides of the fence,  both freelancers and clients, on and off oDesk, vitually and in the brick and mortar. I think having a conversation helps, as you will often get a gut-feeling when speaking to someone, (never ignore that gut-feeling). If you are still concerned after that, then as Preston mentioned, start out with tasks that are not as sensitive. This will give both of you the chance to get to know each other and build a good working relationship. 


Just speaking generally... You can grant limited authority and privileges to your new hire and gradually increase their privileges and duties as they demonstrate their professionalism and earn your trust.
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