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New on upwork

Hello, I'm new to UpWork. I want to hire someone to write blogs for some of my clients' websites. What is the typical procedure relating to this? Do I ask them to just choose topics based on the clients' specialty, for example if it's real estate agent, then leave it to them to decide what might be an interesting topic to write about, or do I provide a subject to write about with maybe a few links to give them ideas. What do other hiring agents here on UpWork do? Thank you, Iren


Hey Tariq, Write the Job description, sort for the right Talent, Invite, and finally interview. Thanks!


Hello Tariq. The first thing you will need to do is define the intention and objectives of the blog with your client. After which you will have to write a brief with the editor(s) in order to agree on the subject. It will be their job to offer you the most appropriate topics in a strategic way to achieve the objectives set.

If you need support from me, you can contact me. And I will tell you in more detail what to do.

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