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Not getting refunded for canceled contracts!

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Yazeed H Member Since: Sep 12, 2015
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i have two contracts canceled, one is caused by withdrawn offer which has a funded milestone and the other one was by agreement between me and the freelancer to cancel since he is not capable of doing the job after explaining it to him, and also it has a funded milestone.


however, the first one (withdrawn offer) has been canceled for over than 10 days, and the other one has been canceled 4 days ago, i haven't got refuned for these transactions although my transaction history shows that the operation has been performed.


now i contacted support, and provided all info from my transaction history, he replies back with same transaction history images and close the issue!!!


i replied back and explained again, he replied asking me for my bank statements, i attached bank statements for him to see that there are no refunds made, he vanished and came back after one day with another useless reply saying that the transaction will be remade again if it failed and closes the issue again!!


i replied back and told him, the system marked these transaction as succeeded as shown in transaction history thus it will not remade nor retried and there is something wrong went with these two transactions.

so what one has to do to get a proper response and get his issue addressed properly?!



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Gerry S Member Since: Nov 23, 2014
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Why do you think you should receive a refund?


You released the funds. By releasing funds, you indicated you were satisfied with the progress made.


"Canceling" a contract does not simply wipe out any work someone performed.


I don't know what the "delieverables" were but you obviously got something since you paid. Right?


Or did you pay for "nothing"? If so, why?


Did you make an "up front" payment? If so, you should know better since you are not "new" to this.


You have provided no evidence that you are entitled to a refund; customer service is simply relating back to you your own history and they are not liable for poor decisions on the part of customers or freelancers (who are considered equal parties once a proposal has been accepted formally; bound by whatever silly rules they agreed to or not).

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Yazeed H Member Since: Sep 12, 2015
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Sorry but why do you think i released the funds?!


i have never indicated that i have released the funds in my post, here are the full stories:


i awarded the first freelancer and created a milestone by sending him an offer, he went unresponsive for couple of days, so i withdrawn the offer, no funds released.


the second freelancer got awarded and accepted the contract, we made a skype conference and i explained the project for him in details, next day he came to me and said he cannot do the required job since his skills are not best fit for it, he apologized and we agreed to cancel, thus i canceled and he agreed instantly on the cancel request, also no funds have been released.


so the situation is, no funds have been released, transaction history shows both transactions and a memo of being refunded, thus my bank and bank statements confirm that there are no refunds made and here is the issue.

EDIT: i have received a response from support and he showed me "Fixed Price Deposites" having the funds, and he said that for canceled contracts, funds are not automatically refunded to my CC rather being refunded to my upwork account to be used in future/other projects, OMG, support doesn';t know how the site works, the fixed price deposites show the desposites made for running projects and they are correct showing me the deposites for my current running projects!!!