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Now I am getting really pissed

So last week already there were issues when hiring someone.
Then today I see a charge on one of my clients accounts. Which were fine


Then I get the notif again that all my accounts are on hold when balance is paid.
Then I see that my Freelance account is also on hold?

I am getting seriously pissed that I see no balance due and AGAIN  29 contractors are about to raise questions again since I got the email my accounts are temp on hold.

UW, now I am getting seriously pissed and I am about to consider taking it somewhere else, close all contracts and hire them on a diff platform. it is getting ridiculous.


Hi Pieter, 


I'm sorry for any inconveniences caused, we're here to help! I wasn't able to see any limitations on your account. That said, I did see a couple of your client account do not have an active billing method at the moment due to failed charges. Could you please check your Settings > Billing Methods for each company and update them? Please make sure they have sufficient funds and contact your card-issuing bank for more information about the specific charge decline.


Please follow up here if you continue to experience any issues!


whats even making me more pissed now is that every proposal I sent on my Freelance account has been automatically withdrawn and that just sends a bad message overall.
not only that but last week I had to contact live chat too for solving a hiring issue (you can check that) where it constantly gives the error and that's UW fault apparently since that is not working.

NOW you have set me back on a fatal flaw, where everyone got informed about something that should never have affected my billing.
and I got for the second time an account limitation when the system clearly takes my money out, still says unpaid, and all goes to **bleep** after that.

1. I am **bleep**ing pissed about the fact my proposals on my FL are auto withdrawn, when they should NOT be, as I take 30 minutes per application to respond or craft

2. I am getting buzzed by writers and people I hire, about the account hold, which again, places me in a **bleep**ing corner to explain that AGAIN. 


you guys really start to piss me off. 

Hi Pieter,


I have requested the assistance of our team. One of our agents will reach out and assist you directly via a support ticket.


~ Joanne