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Overpaid a milestone

Hi All, 


I set up a simple posting with 2 tasks, and once accepted, I hired someone with 2 milestones.


She was super, and finished all tasks within the timeframe of the first mielstone, so i went to "pay" and listed the entire contract value in the first mielstone (first mistake)..


When I did that, I noticed the second milestone has started, and I have now overpaid by 30%...


How do I correct this overpayment?


Hi Faisal,


I'm glad to hear it's going well with your freelancer! Please let me know if I'm understanding this correctly. What was released to the freelancer with the first milestone is the total project amount and you need to get the funds that are currently in Escrow back? If that's the case, I would recommend you request an Escrow refund once the project is complete and you're ready to end the contract, here's how.


Be sure to discuss this with your freelancer beforehand so they are aware and can accept the request,



Thank you Andrea, can i get your help to review the contract to make sure i closed it correctly?

Hi Faisal,


I checked and it looks like the contract is already closed and you already left feedback. If you have further questions about the contract or if something is still unclear, feel free to follow up.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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